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Table 1
Number of days preceding the operation date, 19 Feb. Accredited dates of menstruation, insemination, ovulation, and assumed age of embryo
From onset of last menstruation (12 Jan.) 38
From assigned date of insemination (24 Jan.) 26
From assumed period of ovulation (25-28 Jan.) 25 to 22
From calculated date of expected menstruation (9 Feb.) 10
From onset of next menstruation expected by patient (12 Feb.) 7
Assumed ‘fertilization age’ of embryo 23 to 20
   Reference: Gladstone RJ. and Hamilton WJ. A presomite human embryo (Shaw) with primitive streak and chorda canal with special reference to the development of the vascular system. (1941) Amer. J Anat. 76(1): 9-44.