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Human Embryonic Liver Development
Carnegie Stage
Week 5
Carnegie stage 14
Carnegie stage 14 to 17

appears as a bulge in the dorsal mesogastrium. Mesothelium pseudostratified until stage 16 replaced with high and then low columnar cells.

Carnegie stage 15
Week 6
Carnegie stage 16
Mesothelium (pseudostratified} replaced with high columnar cells.
Carnegie stage 17
Basement membrane present after this stage.
Week 7
Carnegie stage 18
Hematopoietic cells detected.
Week 7
Carnegie stage 18
Hematopoietic cells detected after this stage.
Week 8
Carnegie stage 20
Spleen is now apparent. Mesenchymal cells differentiated from cells in dorsal mesogastrium. Sinus and hilus formation after this stage.
Carnegie stage 23
Arteries and veins parallel entries at this stage.
Human data.[1]

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  1. Endo A, Ueno S, Yamada S, Uwabe C & Takakuwa T. (2015). Morphogenesis of the spleen during the human embryonic period. Anat Rec (Hoboken) , 298, 820-6. PMID: 25403423 DOI.