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Embryonic Smell Development
Week Carnegie Stage Event
week 4 11 nasal epiblastic thickening appears
12 nasal field is well outlined
{CS15}} continuous cellulovascular strand seen between the nasal groove and the olfactory field
16 vomeronasal groove appears at stage (O'Rahilly 1967).
17 olfactory nerve is organized into two plexuses, lateral and medial, the latter mingled with the terminal-vomeronasal complex.
18 olfactory bulb begins to appear
19 individualization of the olfactory bulb and nuclei. Distinction between olfactory structures and terminal and vomeronasal ones begins to be clear
21 structure of the olfactory bulb is evident.
23 olfactory strands are well individualized, and olfactory and terminal-vomeronasal fibers are easily distinguishable.