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Late Embryo Interactive Component

Attempt the Quiz - Late Embryo  

Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Late Embryo from the lecture and practical.

1 The sex cords give rise to all of the following except:

  Sertoli cells of seminiferous tubules
  ovarian follicular cells
  rete testes
  straight tubules of testes
  primordial germ cells

2 Select the correct options below for the embryonic contribution to the female uterus and vagina

  Wolffian duct
  Utereric duct
  Mullerian duct
  paramesonephric duct
  urogenital sinus

3 Select the correct options below describing aspects of gonad development

  testis cortical and ovary medullary
  ovary cortical and testis medullary
  prenatal meiosis in the ovary germ cells
  prenatal meiosis in the testis germ cells
  prenatal mitosis in the ovary germ cells

4 The mesenchyme of the genital ridge separating the seminiferous tubules gives rise to cells that secrete testosterone that binds to the receptors on the:

  yolk sac
  paramesonephric duct
  mesonephric duct
  metanephric blastema
  ureteric bud

Practical 12: Sex Determination | Early Embryo | Late Embryo | Fetal | Postnatal | Abnormalities | 2011 Audio

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