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Interactive Component

Attempt the Quiz - Gastrulation 

Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Gastrulation from the lecture and practical.


1 Which of the following statements about gastrulation is most correct:

gastrulation is required to form the extra-embryonic coeloms
gastrulation is required to form the intra-embryonic coeloms
gastrulation occurs only at the primitive node
gastrulation occurs mainly during week 2 GA week 4 of development
gastrulation forms the trilaminar embryo

2 The primitive streak:

extends from the primitive node to the parachordal plate
is the primary inducer during organogenesis
is the site of migration of epiblast cells to form the mesoderm
persists at the parachordal plate
all of the above are correct

3 The migration of intraembryonic mesoderm occurs between the ectoderm and endoderm to give rise to:

the allantois
the somites
the buccopharyngeal membrane
the cloacal membrane
the neural crest