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Early Cell Division Interactive Component

Attempt the Quiz - Early Cell Division  

Here are a few simple Quiz questions that relate to Early Cell Division from the lecture and practical.

See your Quiz Result - Answer all the questions, then click "submit" to complete. The page will reload and you can then reopen this table to see your result and feedback.


1 The zona pellucida is present around:

a primary oocyte
a secondary oocyte
the morula
an early blastocyst
all of the above

2 Which of the following is the correct sequence during the first week of development:

zygote, blastocyst, blastomeres, morula
zygote, morula, blastocyst, blastomeres
zygote, blastomeres, morula, blastocyst
zygote, morula, blastomeres, blastocyst
none of the above

3 Which part of the morula is the region with the most rapidly dividing cells:

the inner cell mass
the trophectoderm
the apical polar region
the outer cells
the inner cells

4 Which cellular part of the blastocyst is mainly involved with the zona pellucida "hatching" process:

the inner cell mass
the trophectoderm
the embryoblast
the blastocoel
none of the above