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ANAT2341 Lab 1: Introduction | Gametogenesis | Oogenesis | Spermatogenesis | Sex Determination | Online Assessment

The Nobel Prize awarded in 2010 in the study of in vitro fertilization or (IVF). This allowed the treatment of different types of infertility. This was awarded to Dr. Robert G. Edwards.

The studies show that using the natural conception is way better than using the assisted reproductive techniques (ART). Methods of ART include IVF (in vitro fertilization) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) where the sperm does not pass its natural way. With changes to the hormones in the body allowing myosis and mitosis to occur can change or have improper copying of the chromosomes. This measures the congenital abnormalities and comparing it to natural conception. It was found that there was a common trait of each method of ART; such as IVF had higher number of heart disease and DDH with renal reflux. However there was no evidence or substantial proof that the ART and were able to be compared to natural conception. http://www.ams.ac.ir/AIM/NEWPUB/12/15/4/0011.pdf