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One Minute Embryology - Video Preparation

The one minute format is not designed to give a comprehensive coverage of the specific topic, just an introductory "taste" of the content including terminology and material from the teaching content. The intention is that is a stimulus to the actual class content.

In these technology rich days there are several ways in which these videos could be prepared. I will describe what was used and some simpler alternatives.

One Minute Embryology


Photoshop is known for its utility in editing still images, it is not well known that it can also be used in video preparation and editing.

Drawback - is that it requires knowledge of this somewhat complex software.


Power point slides can be exported in movie format. This is also a more easily approached software format that many users have experienced.

Drawback - requires an understanding of Powerpoint options, slide progression and voice annotation.

Screen Capture

There are many mechanisms for now capturing as screen recording content displayed on the computer screen.

Drawback - Difficult to coordinate what is displayed within the brief timeframe and include a voice over annotation recording. May require editing and later addition of voiceover.