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Important - About Online Lectures  
The 2017 Embryology course has lecture 1 as an online lecture component each week. Students are expected to work independently through the online content BEFORE lecture 2 on thursday each week.
  • The quiz assessment given at the start of the practical class each week will assess the content of both lectures.
  • Both lectures content contribute to the final theory assessment in the exam period.
  • Questions about the online material can be initially submitted to Dr Mark Hill or through Moodle.


Deleted these sections of lecture.



Beginning your online work - Working Online in this course

  1. Make your own page.
    1. Log-in to the embryology website using your student ID and Zpass.
    2. Click your student number (shown in red at the top right of the screen following log-in)
    3. Create page using the tab at the top of the page, and save.
  2. Add the following to the top of your page {{ANAT2341Student2016}}
  3. How would you identify your Type in a group and add to your page.
  4. What was the most interesting thing you learnt in today's lecture?

If you have done the above correctly your ZID should be blue and not red on this page ANAT2341 2016 Students.


This topic will also be covered in this week's Lab 1

Lecture - Print PDF


2014 ECHO360 -

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Lecture 2 - Rich Media Playback | Vodcast Playback | Podcast Playback


  • American - 100 trillion
  • English - 100 billion


ECHO360 Recording
Link added after Lecture.
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