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| N/A
| N/A
| Nucleic acids—blue
| Nucleic acids—blue
Blue endoplasmic reticulum —blue
Endoplasmic reticulum —blue
| Eosin
| Eosin

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Common laboratory stains

Stain Common use Nucleus Cytoplasm Red blood cell (RBC) Collagen fibers Specifically stains
Haematoxylin General staining when paired with eosin Blue N/A N/A N/A Nucleic acids—blue

Endoplasmic reticulum —blue

Eosin General staining when paired with haematoxylin N/A Pink Orange/red Pink Elastic fibers—pink

Reticular fibers—pink

Toluidine blue General staining Blue Blue Blue Blue Mast cells granules—purple
Masson's trichrome stain Connective tissue Black Red/pink Red Blue/green Cartilage—blue/green

Muscle fibers—red

Mallory's trichrome stain Connective tissue Red Pale red Orange Deep blue Keratin—orange

Cartilage—blue Bone matrix—deep blue Muscle fibers—red

Weigert's elastic stain Elastic fibers Blue/black N/A N/A N/A Elastic fibers—blue/black
Heidenhains'azan trichrome stain Distinguishing cells from extracellular components Red/purple Pink Red Blue Muscle fibers—red

Cartilage—blue Bone matrix—blue

Silver stain Reticular fibers, nerve fibers, fungi N/A N/A N/A Reticular fibers—brown/black

Nerve fibers—brown/black

Wright's stain Blood cells Bluish/purple Bluish/gray Red/pink N/A Neutrophil granules—purple/pink

Eosinophil granules—bright red/orange Basophil granules—deep purple/violet Platelet granules—red/purple

Orcein stain Elastic fibres Deep blue or crazy red N/A Bright red Pink Elastic fibres—dark brown

Mast cells granules—purple Smooth muscle—light blue

Periodic acid-Schiff stain (PAS) Basement membrane, localizing carbohydrates Blue N/A N/A Pink Glycogen and other carbohydrates—magenta

The Nissl method and Golgi's method are useful in identifying neurons.