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Eye Development

  • stage 24 - eye primordium reaches optic cup stage, inner layer of the optic cup forms a thickened pseudostratified neural retina, while the outer layer of the optic cup develops into a single-cell layered pigmented epithelium.

Lhx1 Expression[1]

  • stage 9 - expressed in the anterior neural ridge toward the posterior region of the nascent optic vesicle.
  • stage 10 - more distinct in the proximal region of the optic vesicle and in the dorsal forebrain.
  • stages 10–11 - in the proximal optic vesicle highest.
  • stage 13 - in the diencephalon alar region and in subsets of cells in the ventral midline region (prospective hypothalamus).
  • stage 14 to 23 - not expressed in the inner layer of the optic vesicle or optic cup
  • stage 24 - in retinal horizontal precursors.
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