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Dez--Seow Liew 09:10, 9 August 2010 (UTC)

Hi,members,i have split the project up to 3 different constituent parts and each of us will get to pick 1

and do it.In addition,i have also roughly split the progress up to 3 stages, which is:

a)collecting the information from different sources,

b)grouping the information,and

c)put what we get on group page.


-you just need to put your name next to the capitalised heading,(e.g PART C-Dez)to indicate you are up to that part.

-PART C is picked by me, so,options left are PART A and B only.

-You can always add in additional info, but i think it`s better we discuss it first when we figure or find it out(the ones you cant decide if they`re your part),so that we can discussion whose part it belongs to and who should do it, to kinda maintain the flow of the content.

-i`m aware that PART B is relatively short,i was outta ideas.Well, the point of PART B i make it mainly emphasizes on info related to how this test is carried out and 3rd party`s voices on this test.

The 3 different parts that i have split up are as following:



-what does this technique rely on?

-Stuff about fFN,like the time or stage it forms during pregnancy.

-what does fFN do in mom`s tummy during pregnancy.

-what kind of abnormalities can this technique predict? (mainly used for predict preterm birth)

-signs and events of preterm birth in mom`s tummy if there`s a high possibility the mom`s having a

preterm birth,like,cervix dilation , fFN leaks outta vagina,etc.

-the relationship of fFN and prediction of preterm birth.

like comparison of fFN between pregnant woman who are not at risk of preterm birth and those who are, etc.


-how does the test work? like,steps and procedures involve.

3rd party`s voices:

-what did the public doctors , pregnant woman say about this technique?-interview thing, vids( how this

test is carried out)

-related images.


-who should take the test?

-What will the results tell about risk of delivering early?

-diagnostic accuracy.

-side effects.

-advantages of knowing the prediction.

-treatments for those who tested with positive result.

One last thing,

i think our primary source would be pubmed,of course there`re others too, but then the info isnt as

extensive and specific as pubmed,so go to it,look for the related journals and extract only details that

you need.

It`d be great if we could find more images and videos related to the info we get,by doing so,we could

make the page less lengthy and readers understand it better.

Looking forward to your comments.