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peer reviewing

--Mitchell Mathieson 09:42, 25 September 2009 (EST)Overall very very nice. Was nice and succinct, and easy to read. The information was relevant, and the current research interesting. Maybe the stages on different pages was a bit difficult to read; I would have liked to have seen at least a bit of information on the main page, which expands to more on your secondary page. The formatting of the references I think needs to be looked at maybe.

--Elide Newton 14:38, 26 September 2009 (EST) HELLO GROUP 3: Congratulations on a great assignment. Each section is equally proportioned, and well represented visually. My one point of constructive criticism would be to the section on current research. Your information is great, as it shows how the zebrafish is being used as a model for different areas of research. The one thing which would improve this would be to include the dates of these research papers, just so the reader can know how recent the work is. maybe introduce the research as Person et al (2009) has used the zebrafish to.... Also are there any pictures on this research? Just because research language is so technical, some pictures would break it up. Hope this helps you group 3.

--Jin Lee 16:06, 26 September 2009 (EST) congratulations to Group3! this is a really great assignment. overall, all the sections are well represented visually. I liked the history part mostly! easy to read! Maybe the current research section can be improved by adding some images and relevant links. I found zebrafish is very interesting!thank you

--Vishnnu Shanmugam 19:32, 26 September 2009 (EST)Well done Zebra fish group. You've put together a well balanced assignment. The images under "Timeline and Stages of Embryonic Development" are impressive, really make the assignment stand out and the text flows nicely. I also noticed the links to researchers and research laboratories have been made throughout the text and because they are under specific headings, the reader will know what the information in the link will focus on. Additions to improve the assignment:

- there is some irrelevant images in the the text; the images "A 1981 issue of Nature journal" & "Development.jpg" are Unnecessary and could be replaced with others that support the text or summarize complex processes. (eg. motor neuron development in zebrafish or a time line showing the evolution in the use of zebrafish). The second image "Development.jpg" is better replaced with the image "A Zebrafish Pigment Mutant" as it is relevant to the text. The current research does not mension or explain the Zebrafish Pigment Mutant and thus is Unnecessary there.

- The Genetics section could do with an image of zebrafish chromosomes. This can be a simple hand drawn diagram and can be compared to the human chromosomal makeup.

- The current research section could use a description of how zebrafish research has impacted human embryology.

-The assignment needs to be properly referenced. see for help with APA referencing.

- A Glossary would also complement the text.

Overall very impressive, only needs minor editing.

-Emily Wong 11:04, 27 September 2009 (EST) To begin with, you have done a great job group 3. It is a well researched, structured and organized page. The student contribution to the work is fairly even. The condensation of the written content is done well, with the combining of the timeline and stages in one section and extensive use of visual representation. However, information is not provided when clicking on the pictures as to what is in them. A description or explanation of what is occurring in each stage or at each time point would improve this project. Some of the images used have not been referenced properly in the image pages. Referencing is good and an extensive reference list has been provided. The content provided is very detailed by still brief and relevant to each section. This project could also be improved by adding some examples of current research and also referencing information throughout the written content. Perhaps an inclusion of a Pubmed search link in the current research section would be a good idea so that viewers can see what other research has been done using the zebrafish.

--Mark Hill 01:44, 8 September 2009 (EST) A single image of a fish, well that really gets across the message of zebrafish development, interpret the information you have read and put it into a format that will interest the reader.

ZebraFish - Zebrafish are really cool...

I'm happy with zebrafish... never heard of them but they sound interesting :) what does everyone else think? ...Gaby Pinget

Great, who else is in our group then... Oh and i'm Sal by the way

Ok so i'm not sure who the other two are because i don't know your number but just for reference my number is z3218657. I found this cool website with some pictures of Zebrafish embryo's developing... its pretty cool...

and this website shows all the stages and times and such good for a timeline

Research Topics for this week:

- Timeline and Staging (Sal)
- History of Model Use (Gaby)
- Genetics (Bronwyn)
- Current Embryology Research (Jo)

--> Share what we've learnt with the group next session.

Hey Guys I have a lot of info... and i don't think i should post it all up here because there is a lot of stuff... Mainly all about the Staging though. I am going to put up a summary of the different stages. The website i gave you before ZFIN is the zebrafish database of model organisms. its great!

Zygote Period – Lasts for 0-0.75hours Transition of one cell to two cells. Fertilisation occurs activating cytoplastimic movement. The animal poles within the cell segregate the blastodisc from the yolk cytoplasm. Segregation continues into the cleavage staging.

Cleavage Period – Lasts for 0.75-2.25 hours Transition from two cells to 128 cells After the first cleavage the blastocysts division is approx every 15 minutes.

Blastula Period – Lasts for 2.25-5.25 hours Transition from 128 cells to 50% epibolby “Epiboly, beginning in the late blastula (Solnica-Krezel and Driever, 1994), is the thinning and spreading of both the YSL and the blastodisc over the yolk cell, as you might model by pulling a knitted ski cap over your head” – Direct quote from the ZFIN website

Gastrula Period – Lasts for 5.25-10.33 hours Transition from 50% epibolby to 1-4 somites The gastrula period ends when epiboly is complete, and the tail bud has formed. Here each germ layer (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm) is put in the right place so that bodily organs and tissues can form in the correct locations.

Segmentation period – Lasts from 10.33 – 24 hours Transistion from 1-4 somites to Prim-5 Here dermis, vertebrae and skeletal muscle are formed

Pharyngula Period – Lasts from 24 – 48 hours Transition from Prim 5 to Long-pec The body axis begins to straighten and the fins begin to develop.

Hatching Peroid – Last from 48 to 72hours Transitions from Long-Pec to Protruding-mouth In this period, primary organ systems develop and cartilage development begins.

Larval Period – Lasts from 72hours to 30days transition from Protruding-mouth to Day 30-44 The pectoral fin continues to develop and the internal organs become more complex. Development continues.

Juvenille Period – Lasts from 30-44 days Here adult fins and pigments as well as 12 teeth develop.

AdultPeriod – Lasts90days to 2 years Full Breeding Adult. - Zebrafish heart beating! - alcohol effects on Zebrafish embryo

Websites used

Hey! This is a really good site with a bunch of links relating to the different areas we have to research:

Hey guys.... Ive found a really good picture of the zebrafish embryo development (like the human one) but I dont know how to put it up, was thinking it might be better if it was actually on the page rather than a link to get the picture. JO

well I think that I just uploaded a picture but I have no idea where to... wow I'm so lost... Maybe that's a good thing because I have a feeling that it was copy right protected... DAMN COPY RIGHT ah ha ha

Hey all, all the websites that i have put up on this page have really good images... I have emailed the three of them and asked if it was ok if i used them to put up on here and i am awaiting a reply so   
hopefully they will let us use them. Also i am having a tonne and a half of trouble uploading a InDesign Timeline image i created of the timeline and also having some issues with the net so i might 
bring them to class and see if the computers there are readable other wise i am screwed and will just have to start all over again. I have a more complete Timeline and Staging format that i have 
created as well. I'll put that up when i try and upload the image again. Peace. - Sal

Hey Hey So I got permission from Judy Cebra-Thomas to use all her images on her website which are each stage of development - YAY we just have to accredit them. So today apart from working on 
unwinding my InDesign TImeline and putting the info up in bullets i am going to start to figure out whats happening in all the images and try an upload them onto the site so hopefully tomorrow we 
will have an almost finished timeline and staging section! - Sal

Right so I've posted a link to the current sequencing status on the genetics part of our site. This updates pretty much everyday so I will be able to update ours right before submission so we have up-to-date info. This is however a minor detail so I'm writing it here to help us all remember! :) thanks

Hey guys!! please read this: I put up pictures which are really just to make it look pretty rather than add any info. Can you please tell me if you think they're stupid or not serious enough? I promise that I wont be offended! I understand if any of you think that we should take our assignment more seriously than that... it's just hard to find images for a history of zebrafish use!

I dont really get the light bulb lol. Sally were u able to get the embryo stage images as a link to the info as u wanted???? I think its a really good idea if we could do it, i think it might be a matter of asking someone who's actually good with computers to do it lol. Im still complying info for the current research section, currently in qld but i wanna have it up hopefully by this week, at least part of it anyways. Im gonna try n get some pictures but every place that ive asked think im an actual doctor lol so its been a bit hard.

Ok so not quite sure how to do the linking but i might just make it all link off the page into separate little pages... does that make sense??? Probably not but i can try explain it better on thursday. The 
images take me 1.5hours each to upload because i have to make the image in indesign, Grab it and then transform the image to a PNG file as that is one that this website allows for uploading! So they 
are coming up but ever so slowly! When i got permission to use the images i just told them I was a student studying Advance Science from UNSW. I was enrolled in an embryology course there where 
we were doing an assignment on the Embryology of Zebrafish. Could i please use your images with referencing and a link to your webpage or document. Thats kind of what i said! i'm hoping to have it 
all up and ready on thursday but might have to finish it friday night as have friends down from QLD that tend to make my place messy and have a house inspection on that ARVO!!! - Cheers SAL

Hey Sally, just so u know. I moved the websites you used to the references section so it didnt seem odd to keep it after ur info.

Hey Sally, we were thinkin about whether or not we could mix the timeline with the stages, so we thought that maybe if on the actual page we had the timeline with the pictures, then by clicking on the pictures there would be the info that u got or maybe even putting it all into a table so the pictures & info are more integrated.

Hey guys sorry i wasn't in class yesterday i had a funeral. What i was thinking of doing was actually moving all the data off the page and you click on it to go to another page which as all the info! but  
the idea of clicking on the picture and going to it sounds great. One flaw is that is it ok if i use the pictures twice because i have been cutting, altering, adding text and flattening the images so that 
they have a caption of what is happening. If i just cut another image to show each stage and then you click on that to go to it i think that could be cool as long as when you open the next page it still 
has the information and the image with the caption of what is occurring! Hope thats ok. I will work on it all tonight and hopefully finish. Its taking a lot more time than expect sorry!Sal

hey Guys so I don't know if you guys have checked the website out yet but i have been working on it today! I continued what i was doing with the linked page and have also drawn my own diagrams 
which are colour coded and easy for people to understand what is going on during the stages. I thought it looked cool. I haven't finished yet - a few more periods to go but i can't look at the screen 
any more so i will do some on tuesday night! Hope thats ok. Just wondering though about the Nature article images above it kind of comes across the screen and i was wondering if we could somehow 
move the image a little higher or enter down some spaces so that the timelines section is lower and the nature article doesn't come over the images pushing the table to the left! Let me know what you 
all think. Sal

Hey Sal, your part of the project looks great! I really like the idea of clicking onto another page to get the info. works really really well and it's really easy to understand. As for the size of the picture obscuring your section, I think that you already thumbnailed it and it looks fine. Also, do you know how to put a youtube video onto the webpage? I was able to for a project in another class and it looked good but that was much easier because it had a link to a bunch of plug ins i could use. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! Gaby

Hey Sally, ur part looks awesome!!! Everyone done forget about your references...ive tried making the ones there so far look like it was done by one person lol. I dont know how to do the youtube clip thing but i have one too, was thinking maybe we should have a section for helpful links or do u think we should just put the links in with watever section its assiciated with. Wat do u guys think??? Jo

Hmm I was just thinking that the best thing to do was to put up the links strait after whatever they're associated with, that way they are supplimentary to what the reader is looking at rather than random extras at the end. That'll prob work best, right? Gaby

Thanks guys I've put a tonne of effort in so hope it pays off! I was going to fix up the references (cause they just have my websites without being real references) but it took me a lot longer than i thought for the images as you 
can see its 5am. Nice. Yes i think linking the videos with the relevant parts is best. I have added links to videos throughout my section. Also I have made it so that when you put your mouse over the images it comes up with its own 
reference/copy right info. Also when adding a link to another website its best to name the website instead of having just the web address. Its really easy if you don't know how and i can show you how to fix them up. When we get our 
feedback from the other groups we can add and so forth before the project is actually marked which is really great. I think we need more info with the Genetics part but i figure bron is doing that tomorrow! Jo I really love your 
sections pics and info it great and to the point!Gaby, yeah i did move it hope thats ok. I do have one question though and not meaning to hurt your feelings but i'm not that keen on the drawn image of the bird,fish,frog and mouse. 
It doesn't really fit. Sorry, I mean obviously the decision is up to you, but i think it just looks a bit odd in the middle of the page because it you see it first and think , what? That was just some of the other feedback i got 
from some of my friends that i asked to check out the website and see how they could maneuver around it. So that's my major spiel. Catch ya tomorrow. Sal