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Note - This sub-heading shows an automated computer PubMed search using the listed sub-heading term. References appear in this list based upon the date of the actual page viewing. Therefore the list of references do not reflect any editorial selection of material based on content or relevance. In comparison, references listed on the content page and discussion page (under the publication year sub-headings) do include editorial selection based upon relevance and availability. (More? Pubmed Most Recent)


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Well I have included as many disclaimers as I can!

The references that appear on this page have no human input and are simply results from an automated search of the PubMed database carried out when the page is opened (this automated method is generated by the PubMed wiki extension).

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Week 2

Week 2

Uterine Implantation

<pubmed limit=5>Uterine Implantation</pubmed>


Uterus Development

<pubmed limit=5>Uterus Development</pubmed>

Müllerian Duct

<pubmed limit=5>Müllerian Duct</pubmed>

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