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| <qt>file=Renal_001.mov‎|width=350px|height=260px|controller=true|autoplay=false</qt>

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Early Renal Development

This animation shows the process of early renal development of the kidney nephron, convoluted tubule and collecting duct.


  • Uteric Bud - developing ureter, pelvis, calyces, collecting ducts
  • Metanephric Blastema (intermediate mesoderm) - developing glomeruli, capsule, nephron tubules

Links: Quicktime version | Flash version | | Animation - Urogenital Sinus | Renal System Development

Nephron Development

  • disorganised mesenchymal cells become a highly organised epithelial tubule
  • Condensation - groups of about 100 cells condense tightly together to form a distinct mass
  • Epithelialisation - condensed cells lose their mesenchymal character and gain epithelial
  • At end of this period formed a small epithelial cyst complete with a basement membrane, cell-cell junctions and a defined cellular apico-basal polarity.

Early morphogenesis

  • cyst invaginates twice to form a comma
  • then a S-shaped body one invagination site later becomes the glomerular cleft
  • At about this time blood vessel progenitors invade cleft to begin construction of vascular component of glomerulus
  • Tubule maturation specialised transporting segments of nephron differentiate complex of convoluted tubules is created