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Mouse embryo, Theiler stage 22. QuickTime movie of volume rendering of two scans concatenated to show the whole embryo. Paraformaldehyde-fixed, IKI-stained.

Theiler Stage 22

  • Fingers separate distally
  • Individual 'fingers' are visible in the anterior footplate and there are deep indentations between the 'toes' which are not yet separated.
  • The long bones of the limbs are present and there are hair follicles in the pectoral, pelvic and trunk regions.
  • The pinna is turned forwards and the umbilical hernia is conspicuous.
  • Absent: hair follicles in the cephalic region.
  • Embryonic age = 14 dpc (range 13.5-15 dpc)
  • 56-60 somite pairs
  • Equivalent Witschi Stage in rat = 31
  • Equivalent Carnegie Stage in humans = 20-23

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IKI stain - 1% iodine metal (I2) + 2% potassium iodide (KI) in water.