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File:Mitosis 01 icon.jpg</wikiflv> Movie shows a cell dividing by mitosis with a fluorescently labelled protein that is located at the kinetochores and along the axes of the chromosome arms.

The labelling allows you to see the chromosomes and the linking region (kinetochore) between chromosome pairs and the mitotic spindle microtubules.

Final part of movie shows the two cells in bright field illumination.

Original legend: "A time-lapse video sequence of an EGFP-topoII-expressing GT2-LPk cell imaged from late prometaphase through telophase. Chromosomes align at the metaphase plate with EGFP-topoII concentrated at kinetochores and along the axes of the chromosome arms. As chromosomes separate at anaphase, the kinetochore concentration disappears. In late anaphase, the levels of EGFP-topo II rise inthe cytoplasm, with some concentrated into foci that are motile and, at telophase, appear to fuse with the reforming nuclei. A phase contrast image of the two daughter cells is shown at the end of the sequence. The fluorescence images in this sequence were individually scaled in order to optimize visualization of the EGFP-topoII cytoplasmic foci that appear inanaphase and telophase.

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Corresponds to Fig. 2 A. from the above paper.

Original File Name: 5 Mb


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