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| <html5media height="420" width="380">File:Mouse_zygote_division_02.mp4</html5media>
| <html5media height="420" width="380">File:Mouse_zygote_division_02.mp4</html5media>
[[Media:Mouse_zygote_division_02.mp4|'''Click Here''' to play on mobile device]]
| valign=top| [[File:Mouse_zygote_division_02_icon.jpg|100px|right]]
| valign=top| [[File:Mouse_zygote_division_02_icon.jpg|100px|right]]

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Mouse zygote division 02 icon.jpg

Movie shows mitotic division of the early mouse embryo starting at the zygote stage.

The elapsed time from the start of acquisition (days:hours:minutes) is indicated.

Maximum projections of labeled histone protein (H2B-mRFP; top left) and phosphorylated H3 (H3S10ph, Fab313-488; top right) are shown with brightfield (BF; bottom left) and in merged images (bottom right; H2B and Fab313 are shown in cyan and red, respectively).

Fab313-488 is preferentially concentrated on maternal condensed chromosomes at the first division (03:19–05:19)

DNA in eukaryotes is wrapped around a histone octamer containing H2A, H2B, H3, and H4, forming a nucleosome, which is the fundamental unit of chromatin.

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Mouse zygote division 02 icon.jpg Mouse embryo was injected with H2B-mRFP mRNA and Fab313-488. Images of 51 focal planes (2-µm intervals) were captured at 10-min intervals using an inverted microscope (IX-71) with an UPlan-Apochromat 40× NA 1.0 oil immersion objective lens.
  • top left- Maximum projections of H2B-mRFP
  • top right - Fab313-488
  • bottom left - brightfield (BF)
  • bottom right - merged images, H2B (cyan) and Fab311 (red).

The elapsed time from the start of acquisition (days:hours:minutes) is indicated.

Fab313-488 is preferentially concentrated on maternal condensed chromosomes at the first division (03:19–05:19), as it recognizes histone H3S10ph next to di- or trimethylated H3K9.


<pubmed>19995936</pubmed>| JCB

Published December 14, 2009 // JCB vol. 187 no. 6 781-790 The Rockefeller University Press, doi: 10.1083/jcb.200904137 Visualizing histone modifications in living cells: spatiotemporal dynamics of H3 phosphorylation during interphase


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