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Spermatozoa Mitochondria in Early Mouse Embryos

original figure images.

Male mammalian spermatozoa mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is generally eliminated before oocyte fertilisation, leaving only the maternal mtDNA to be inherited by the embryo.

This experiment shows that the distribution of spermatozoa mitochondria up to the morula stage of development in mice. These mitochondria do not appear to be eliminated by lysosomes and autophagy.

This animation shows live cell fluorescence imaging of sperm mitochondria (red) in early embryos.

Sperm mitochondria disaggregated and became restricted to only one blastomere during one-cell to four-cell stages.

Sperm mitochondria distributed in several cells after the eight-cell stage and could be detected until morula stages.

Scale bars: 20 µm.

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1 Cell Stage

Spermatozoa mitochondria 1cell.jpg

2 Cell Stage

Spermatozoa mitochondria 2cell.jpg

4 Cell Stage

Spermatozoa mitochondria 4cell.jpg

8 Cell Stage

Spermatozoa mitochondria 8cell.jpg

Morula Stage

Spermatozoa mitochondria morula.jpg


Luo SM, Ge ZJ, Wang ZW, Jiang ZZ, Wang ZB, Ouyang YC, Hou Y, Schatten H & Sun QY. (2013). Unique insights into maternal mitochondrial inheritance in mice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. , 110, 13038-43. PMID: 23878233 DOI.


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Fig. 2. Original figure images, cropped resized, relabeled and animated in photoshop.

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