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Mouse embryo E13 microCT icon.jpg

Mouse embryo, Theiler stage 21.

Theiler Stage 21 Anterior footplate indented, marked pinna

  • The distal borders of the anterior and posterior footplates are now indented and the digit widths and locations can be discerned.
  • The 'elbow' and 'wrist' are now identifiable.
  • The pinna rapidly develops and forms a crest at right angles to the head.
  • Five rows of vibrissae are visible as well as a prominant hair follicle over the eye and another over the ear.
  • The lens vesicle has lost its lumen.
  • The physiological umbilical hernia is prominent. Absent: hair follicles, distally separate fingers.
  • Embryonic age = 13 dpc (range 12.5-14)
  • 52-55 somite pairs
  • Equivalent Witschi Stage in rat = 29-30
  • Equivalent Carnegie Stage in humans = 18-19

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PTA-stained embryo