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This page shows the timeline of human implantation and gives examples of other species. Note that while the commencement of implantation is relatively well defined, the individual events and even the definition of when implantation completes are quite variable.

During this period the uterine endometrium undergoes many changes and the implanting blastocyst has extensive trophoblast changes but little embryoblast development.

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Some Recent Findings

* [1]

Human Implantation

Week 1 Human Development Overview

Human Development Overview to Implantation

Other Species


Blastocyst implantation in the baboon usually occurs between 8 and 10 days post ovulation (see text below).[2]

Three distinct phases:

  1. regulated by estrogen and progesterone, changes in both the luminal and glandular epithelial cells in preparation for blastocyst apposition and attachment.
  2. further modulation of these steroid induced changes in both epithelial and stromal cells by embryonic signals.
  3. trophoblast invasion and the remodeling of the endometrial stromal compartment.


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