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A Glossary of Histological and Micro-Anatomical Terms

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Including historical origins and eponyms compiled by Dr Brian Freeman, Department of Anatomy, School of Medical Sciences, revised 2000.
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Abbreviations: ( ) plural form in brackets, A. Arabic, abb. abbreviation, c. circa =about, F. French adj. adjective, G. Greek, Ge. German, cf. compare, L. Latin, dim. diminutive, NA. Nomina anatomica, q.v. which see, OF. Old French

vacuole L. vacuum = an empty space; a clear space in cell cytoplasm.

vagina L. = a sheath, a scabbard (L. gladius = sword was a common Roman term for penis); cf. evagination, invagination.

vallate L. vallatus = walled, from L. vallum = a rampart; of largest lingual papillae, surrounded by groove & wall; cf. circumvallate.

valve L. valva = a fold, a leaf of a folding door.

van Gieson, Ira. 1865-1913 American histologist & bacteriologist; v. G.'s stain = a mixture of acid fuchsin in saturated picric acid staining collagen bright pink.

varicose adj. L. varicosus = like a twisted vein, from L. varix (-ices) = a twisted vein.

varicosity L. " ; 1. a dilatation in a vein; 2. a dilatation in a nerve fibre.

Varolio, Costanzio. 1543-1575 Bologna, Rome physician & anatomist; pons Varolii = pons of brainstem.

vas (-a) L. vas = a dish, a vessel.

vas nervi (vasa nervorum) L. " + nervi = of a nerve; blood vessels supplying a nerve fascicle.

vas rectus (vasa recta) L. " + rectus = straight; straight blood vessels in renal medulla.

vas vasi (vasa vasorum) L. " + vasi = of a vessel; blood vessels supplying wall of a blood vessel.

vascular adj. L. vasculum = a small vessel, dim L. vas .

vasopressin L. " + OF. presser = to press; hormone from pars nervosa of hypophysis increasing blood pressure.

Vater, Abraham. 1684-1751 Wittenburg anatomist, botanist & pathologist; ampulla of Vater = hepato-pancreatic ampulla at end of bile duct (1720); corpuscles of Vater-Pacini = lamellated corpuscles in skin; tubercle of Vater = greater duodenal papilla (1710).

ventral adj. L. venter = belly; bellywards.

ventricle L. ventriculus = a small belly, dim. L. venter ; cavities of brain; largest two chambers of heart.

Verga, Andrew. 1811-1895 Milan psychiatrist; ventricle of V. = posterior extension of the cavity of the septum pellucidum; canal of V. = small tunnel in petrous temporal bone containing a vein.

Verhoeff, Frederick H. 1874-1968 Boston ophthalmologist; stain for elastic tissue.

vermiform L. vermis = worm + forma = shape.

Vernier Pierre. 1580-1637 Paris physicist; vernier scale.

Vesalius (Wesel), Andreas. 1514-1564 Flemish (studied at Louvain & Paris) anatomist of Padua, Bologna & Pisa; founder of scientific, topographical anatomy; conducted public dissections at Padua; criticised Galen; wrote De corporis humani fabrica (1543).

vesica L. = bladder.

vesicle L. vesicula = a little sac, blister or bladder; e.g., seminal vesicle.

vesicular adj. L. " ; like blisters; of pale dispersed chromatin in a nucleus, a vesiculated nucleus.

vestibule L. vestibulum = entrance hall (where one takes off L. vestes = garments); entrance to nose, mouth, larynx, inner ear, female reproductive system.

vibrissa (-ae) L. vibrare = to vibrate; hairs in nasal vestible which vibrate to air currents during snoring.

Vicq d'Azyr, Felix. 1748-1794 Paris physician & comparative anatomist; bundle of V. d'A. = mamillothalamic tract of diencephalon (1781).

Vidus Vidius (= Guido Guidii) 1500-1569 Paris physician, Pisa philosopher; Vidian nerve = nerve of pterygoid canal (1611).

Vieussens, Raymond de. 1641-1716; Montpellier, Paris physician; anulus of V. = ansa subclavia; limbus fossa ovalis; valve of V. = superior medullary velum.

villus (-i) L. = a hair, (? from L. pilus = a tangled mass of hair); a thin projection of the lining of the small intestine, which resemble the nap of a cloth.

Virchow, Rudolph. 1821-1902 German pathologist & politician involved in public healthg issues; a founder of German anthropological society; developed understanding of the cellular basis of pathological processes; Virchow-Robin spaces = perivascular spaces around arterioles and arteries of central nervous system.

visceral adj. L. viscera = body organs; as opposed to somatic structures.

viscus L. = any internal organ in a cavity, from L. visco = I make sticky.

vitelline adj. L. vitellus = a little calf, a term of endearment; the yolk of an egg (Celsus, c. 10 AD)

vitreous L. vitreus = glassy; gelatinous mass inside the eyeball with glassy transparency.

Volkmann, Alfred Wilhelm. 1800-1877 Dorpat & Halle physiologist; V.'s canals = oblique vascular channels in compact bone (1873); cf. Havers.

vomeronasal organ L. vomere = to vomit & L. vomer = a ploughshare (which throws the earth to either side like vomit) + nasus = nose; small tubular epithelial organ located on antero-inferior surface of nasal septum; organ of Jacobson, q.v.

vorticose adj. L. vortex = eddy, vortex; venae vorticosae = veins with whirl-like disposition around eyeball.

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