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The Arthur Keith Volume


The Journal Of Anatomy

We Dedicate Volume Lxix Of The Journal Of Anatomy . To

Sir Arthur Keith—A Beloved Master Of British Anatomy

The Editorial Committee desires to express its deep appreciation of the devoted and unselfish services Sir Arthur Keith has rendered not only to the Journal in his capacity as Acting-Editor during the past seventeen years but to anatomical science as a whole.

Elected a member of the Anatomical Society more than forty years ago, Sir Arthur Keith has gained the confidence, esteem and affection of the entire body of British Anatomists. As a teacher in the London Hospital Medical School, his vivid personality impressed itself on successive generations of medical students and no one who has passed through his hands can fail to realise that Anatomy is no mere mass of technical detail but a living subject, and a branch of biological science, worthy of pursuit for its own sake.

On his translation to the Royal College of Surgeons as Conservator of the Museum in 1908, his room there became a Mecca for anatomists from all parts of the world who Wished to obtain his help and advice and to study the great collections under his care. In this way, as well as by his published work, he has exercised a profound influence on the progress of anatomical knowledge in all its branches and more especially in the fields of physical anthropology and human palaeontology.

In 1916 the Journal of Anatomy! became the property and official organ of the Anatomical Society. An Editorial Committee with Sir Arthur Keith as Acting-Editor was appointed, and under these new auspices the first number of the Journal of Anatomy appeared in October 1917. Since that date the circulation of the Journal has increased beyond all expectation. This un- qualified success is overwhelmingly due to the indefatigable labours and skilful guidance of Sir Arthur Keith.

Although retired from his post as Conservator of the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons, Sir Arthur Keith still maintains a deep interest in the affairs of the Anatomical Society and in the Journal. We wish him long life, good health and happiness in his well-earned retirement.

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