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(==Stomach Histology== {{HE}} {{Stomach Histology}} {{Blue Histology}} Sto100pa.jpg)
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==Stomach Histology==
==Stomach Histology==
{{PAS}} {{HE}}
{{Stomach Histology}}
{{Stomach Histology}}

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Stomach Histology

(Stain - Periodic acid-Schiff) (Stain - Haematoxylin Eosin)

Stomach Histology Links: stomach labeled overview | parietal cells - chief cells | mucus neck - parietal cells - chief cells | stomach overview | stomach mucosa | mucosa - secretory epithelial sheath - goblet cell | gastric glands - parietal cells - chief cells | stomach overview | Stomach Histology | Stomach Development | Gastrointestinal Tract Development

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