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[http://www.microbiol.unimelb.edu.au/research/immunology/s_mueller.html Mueller]
[http://www.microbiol.unimelb.edu.au/research/immunology/s_mueller.html Mueller]

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Spleen Structure

Schematic representation of the organization of the spleen (left panel). The white pulp consists of T cell zones (also known as the periarteriolar lymphoid sheath (PALS)) containing networks of fibroblastic reticular cells (FRC) surrounding a central arteriole, together with B cell follicles containing a central network of follicular dendritic cells (FDC). Marginal zones (MZ) surrounding the white pulp contain marginal reticular cells (MRC), particularly at the edges of the B cell follicles. Blood and leukocytes entering the spleen pass through branches of the central arteriole, which end in the marginal sinuses and red pulp. In the cords of the red pulp, a dense network of reticular fibroblasts and fibres construct an open blood network, which is marked by its lack of a typical endothelial cell lining. Large numbers of macrophages phagocytose dying or damaged red blood cells in the red pulp (not shown). Immune cells enter the white pulp at regions where the T cell zones abut the MZ, known as the MZ bridging channels. An image of a section of mouse spleen generated using multicolour immunofluoresence microscopy illustrates the organization of the white pulp, red pulp, and MZ (centre panel). The distribution of CD3+ T cells (white), B220+ B cells (blue), CD169+ MZ macrophages (cyan), CD11c+ dendritic cells (DCs) (green), and ER-TR7+ stromal cells (red) is shown. The distinct organization of stromal cells in different regions of the spleen is shown by single-colour immunofluoresence staining (right panel). Networks of stromal cells and reticular fibres form in the white pulp, including the fibroblastic reticular cells (FRCs) in T cell zones, follicular dendritic cells (FDCs) in B cell follicles (ER-TR7−) and marginal reticular cells (MRCs) in the MZ. A dense network of stromal cells and reticular fibres is present in the red pulp. Scale bars represent 130 μM.


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