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Fig. 5. Ovum of White Mouse. Beginning of the Conjugation of the Pro-nuclei X 1500 diams. (after Sobotta)
==Fig. 5. Ovum of White Mouse==
Beginning of the Conjugation of the Pro-nuclei X 1500 diams. (''after Sobotta'')

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Fig. 5. Ovum of White Mouse

Beginning of the Conjugation of the Pro-nuclei X 1500 diams. (after Sobotta)

Chapter II. The Early Development Of Mammals: 1. Human Spermatozoa | 2. Human Ovum | 3. Worm Ovum | 4. Rabbit Ovum 17 Hours | 5. Mouse Ovum early Pro-nuclei | 6. Mouse Ovum Spindle | 7. Mouse Ovum late Pro-nuclei | 8. Rabbit Ovum 24 Hours | 9. Snail Ovum First Cleavage | Chapter 2 Figures | Figures

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Minot CS. Human Embryology. (1897) London: The Macmillan Company.

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