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Fig. 22. Transverse section through the forepart of the head of a dogfish embryo of stage Q

Showing the cerebral hemispheres, olfactory lobes, olfactory nerves, and olfactory pits with their Schneiderian folds, x 9 diam.

Alphabetical List of References
ah. Alimentary canal. aV. Anterior prolongation of alimentary canal. ao.r Dorsal aorta. a. r. Anterior root of a spinal nerve. mtcl. Auditory vesicle. b. a. Branchial artery. br. 1. First branchial arch. br. 2. Second branchial arch. c. h. cerebral hemisphere. f. b. forebrain, g. gill. h. 2. Second head-cavity. h . b. Hindbrain. hy. Hyoid arch. inf. Infundibulum, I. c. Lachrymal cleft. m. b. Midbrain. Mn. Mandibular arch. m. p. Muscle plate. M.v. Maxillary arch. n. Notochord. o. c. Optic cup or eye. olf. Olfactory pit. ol. V. Olfactory vesicle or lobe. r. i. Inferior rectus muscle. r. s. Superior rectus muscle. Sch. Schneiderian folds. sp. Spinal cord. tr. Trabecula3 cranii. v. c. Visceral cleft. I. Olfactory nerve. II. Optic nerve. III. Third or oculomotor nerve. V. Trigeminal nerve. V a. Opiithalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve, or ramus ophthalmicus profundus. V 3. Inferior maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve. VII. Facial nerve. VII a. Ophthalmic branch of the facial nerve, or ramus ophthalmicus superficialis. VIII. Auditory nerve. IX. Glossopharyngeal nerve. X. Vagus or pneumogastric nerve.
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