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===Recent Changes===
===Recent Changes===
* For tracking general website updates see [[New]].
* For tracking general website updates see [[New]].
* [[Movies]] page is gradually being updated with templates that allow MP4 versions, replacing the old quicktime and flash versions.
* The discussion tabs on many pages now have an automated PubMed search option listing the latest papers.
* The discussion tabs on many pages now have an automated PubMed search option listing the latest papers.
* Quizzes issue is now resolved.
===Why move?===
===Why move?===

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Dr Mark Hill


School of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW AUSTRALIA, Sydney 2052 AUSTRALIA m.hill@unsw.edu.au


Blechschmidt Models (2013)
UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award (2012)
Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (2011)
The original webpage (1997)

Welcome to 2016! An international collaborative project, based upon my 2013 study leave, has opened and over the next few years will result in a key new online research and educational resource (Digital Embryology Consortium - Information). As part of this project during 2015 I have made 3 international presentations (Germany, Japan and USA).

As always, I am indebted to the many researchers, clinicians, educators and students who over the years have contributed to this site. In particular, Prof Kohei Shiota and Prof Kathy Sulik who have provided the exceptional images of human embryonic development. I hope you enjoy learning about the amazing early events that make us what we are, and I am always happy to hear from readers.

--Mark Hill (talk) 11:20, 18 January 2016 (AEDT)

Recent Changes

  • For tracking general website updates see New.
  • The discussion tabs on many pages now have an automated PubMed search option listing the latest papers.

Why move?

The original 1997 online teaching site was quite small and intended to allow students to work through embryonic cross-sections to identify developmental structures and their relationships at different time-points. The development of the internet then allowed this to be more easily shared with others outside the UNSW campus. The site then grew as support descriptions and notes were added and specific systems were grouped together. Then abnormalities in development, animations, research notes and many other development related topics were added.

The site was extensively remodelled in 2000 and again in 2003 to allow a clearer and cleaner layout taking advantage of the new internet speeds, layout tools and google search options. Even with this reorganisation students often found with the original large site (3000+ pages) navigation and finding resources difficult.

What about the original website?

Unfortunately, the original site has now been retired and if you have bookmarked original pages they will no longer function. There are still copies of many of these original page versions archived as Internet Archive "Wayback Machine" captures.

2009 - 2010

Moving to this new site allows many new possibilities including:

  1. Page layout, navigation and searching is more recognisable in this "wiki" format.
  2. Undergraduate course materials can be much better organised, audio added and content more easily printed.
  3. Students can now also work online on individual, group and research projects.
  4. Images and movies can be added in a range of sizes and formats.
  5. Referencing, links and categories can be more easily organised.
  6. Addition of online assessment tools and quizzes.
  7. Course contributors and researchers can now also make direct contributions to the online site in their specialty areas.


I have also given a recent seminar on the pedagogy of online teaching UNSW Learning and Teaching Seminar 2012.


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Links: School of Medical Sciences | Faculty of Medicine | The University of New South Wales

Google Maps- UNSW SOMS Wallace Wurth Building

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