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Plate 8.

Fio. 10. Section showing a Mass of Vacuolated Plasmodium Invading the Decidua. Photograph. X 350 D. pL, Plasmodium; dec., decidua; n.^., necrotic zone of decidua.

The mass of plasmodium shows a number of small vacuoles. It lies in a l)ay of the necrotic zone, and between the two are several large free, probably maternal, cells. the decidua is crowded with leucocytes. The decidual cells adjoining the necrotic zone show the early stages of degeneration ; further out they are more normal.

Fig. 11. Tangential Section of the Opposite Pole of the Cyto-trophoblastic Sphere from that figuied in Fig. 7, Plate VII. Photograph. x 350 d.

The nuclei are very irregular. The well-defined central cells belong to the innermost layer of the cyto-trophoblast.

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