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Fig. 22. Vertical section through eye of pig 110 mm long

Magnified 480 times.

  • A - shows the pupilary membrane stretching across the pupilary space, and in it may be seen Httle white areas. These are the branches of the hyaloid artery which furnishes the nutrition to the lens during its development, and it will be remembered that this artery atrophies before birth and that the pupilary membrane disappears, ostensibly being absorbed.
  • B - is shown the iris growing out from the ciliary bodies.
  • C and D - shows the cornea and in it is shown the lacuna (small lakes), which are minute openings between the layers of the lamina propria (proper layer)
  • E - shows the lid with its developing structures.
  • F - shows the conjunctival sack.
  • G - shows the ocular conjunctiva and just back of it the anterior portion of Tenon's space.
  • H - shows the levator palpebra superioris (the lifter of the upper lid).
  • I - shows the lids held together by the cement substance.
  • J - shows the vitreous body (glass-like body).

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Brown EJ. The embryology anatomy and histology of the eye. (1906) Chicago: Hazlitt & Walker.

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