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Plate 1 Male Sagittal (upper)

THE accompanying plate was taken from the body of a powerful, well-built, perfectly normal man, aged 21, who had hanged himself. The organs exhibited no pathological irregularities. The body, which was brought in unfrozen, was placed on a horizontal board, without any special support for the head, and it was only by laying it down that provision could be made for the limbs lying as symmetrically as possible with regard to the mesial line. In this position the subject lay untouched in the open air, and at a temperature of about 50 F., for fourteen days. At the end of this time the process of freezing was commenced and completed. The mesial line of the body was next accurately marked out anteriorly and posteriorly with a black line, and the section carefully performed by means of a broad, fine-edged saw, much in the same way as two workmen would saw the trunk of a tree. After cleansing the surface, the right half of the body showed that a most successful section had been made. In the brain the fifth ventricle had been traversed ; in the thorax the mediastinum, so that neither of the pleurse was opened ; and in the pelvis the upper third of the urethra. The tracing was then taken from the frozen surface. Where the course of the section had not exactly kept the mesial plane, I improved the preparation subsequently in such places as the nature of the case required. Thus, a thin slice of the cerebellum was removed by means of a razor, and the entire course of the aquseductus Sylvii exposed down to the fourth ventricle, with the penile portion of the urethra and the anus where not opened in the middle line. The plane of the section passed close against the contracted anus, which was opened after the body had thawed ; this accounts for the apparent size of this passage. In sections which pass through the anus in the frozen condition of the body the anterior wall lies nearer to the posterior, not, however, so close that complete apposition is permitted.

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Braune W. An atlas of topographical anatomy after plane sections of frozen bodies. (1877) Trans. by Edward Bellamy. Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston.

Plates: 1. Male - Sagittal body | 2. Female - Sagittal body | 3. Obliquely transverse head | 4. Transverse internal ear | 5. Transverse head | 6. Transverse neck | 7. Transverse neck and shoulders | 8. Transverse level first dorsal vertebra | 9. Transverse thorax level of third dorsal vertebra | 10. Transverse level aortic arch and fourth dorsal vertebra | 11. Transverse level of the bulbus aortae and sixth dorsal vertebra | 12. Transverse level of mitral valve and eighth dorsal vertebra | 13. Transverse level of heart apex and ninth dorsal vertebra | 14. Transverse liver stomach spleen at level of eleventh dorsal vertebra | 15. Transverse pancreas and kidneys at level of L1 vertebra | 16. Transverse through transverse colon at level of intervertebral space between L3 L4 vertebra | 17. Transverse pelvis at level of head of thigh bone | 18. Transverse male pelvis | 19. knee and right foot | 20. Transverse thigh | 21. Transverse left thigh | 22. Transverse lower left thigh and knee | 23. Transverse upper and middle left leg | 24. Transverse lower left leg | 25. Male - Frontal thorax | 26. Elbow-joint hand and third finger | 27. Transverse left arm | 28. Transverse left fore-arm | 29. Sagittal female pregnancy | 30. Sagittal female pregnancy | 31. Sagittal female at term
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Braune 1877 plate 1A.jpg

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