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Plate 3

Unless otherwise stated, the figures are from 3 μm sections of Champy-fixed material stained by the Severinghaus Altmann—Masson technique; Golgi preparations were osmicated by the Sevoringliefus (Nassonov-Kolatschev) method before staining.

16 Glycogen in a cell island and some in the syncytium at the lower right. Picric—alcohol-formol. Best’s carmine. 5 μm Case 14. X 320.

17 Golgi apparzitusl in a syncytial bud. (lasso 18. X 1160.

18 The lower villus shows a vesiculated brush border, and accumulated mitochondria in the basal zone of the syncytium. The. brush border of the upper villus is more completely disorganized by the presence of superficial vacuoles. Case 12. X1160.

19 The edge of a cell island showing several eells with mitochondrial and granular accumulations in the Golgi region. Case 13. X .1280.

20 An oblique seetion through the trophoblast showing the extensive Golgi apparatus of the subnuclear and nuclear zones of the syncytium. Case 5. X 1160.

21 A. proliferation of the cytotrophoblast at the end of a villus. Basemrarlt membrane at. lower left. Point of continuity with cytotrophoblast layer at lower right. Some reduction in number of mitochondria. fibrinoirl degeneration of the syncytium at the right. Case 12. x 880.


Baker BL. Hook SJ. and Severinghaus AE. The cytological structure of the human chorionic villus and decidua parietalis. (1944) Amer. J Anat. 73(3): 291-325.

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