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:'''Links:''' [[Neural_-_Medulla_Oblongata_Development|Medulla Development]]
:'''Links:''' [[Neural_-_Medulla_Oblongata_Development|Medulla Development]] | [[Paper - A note concerning the model of the medulla, pons and midbrain of a new-born babe as reproduced by Herr F. Ziegler (1903)|1903 Description of Medulla Model]]
==Eye Models==
==Eye Models==

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Ziegler Freiburg modelling workshop.
An example of a Ziegler embryo model.

Not a collection as such, but a historic series of wax models made in the 1860-80s based upon the embryos of Prof. Wilhelm His, Leipzig. Wilhelm His had earlier prepared a series of freehand models. These Ziegler models are the basis of some of the teaching models that are still commercially available and used today.

Adolf Ziegler (1820 - 1889) a German modeller developed these models at his Studio for Scientific Teaching Models (Atelier für wissenschaftliche Unterrichtsmodelle) from the 1860's onwards of both human and animal embryos. Ziegler's models were first used in Germany, but were also later exhibited in Paris (1867) and Vienna (1873).

His son, Friedrich Ziegler (- 1936), continued the modelling company.

The Carnegie Institute later in the early 1900's also developed many additional models based upon their own collection. (More? Carnegie Models)

Links: Ziegler Models | Embryology Models | Wilhelm His | Human Embryo Collections

Embryo Model Sets

Ziegler model 03.jpg

Ziegler model 02.jpg

Ziegler model 04.jpg

Ziegler model 01.jpg

Ziegler model 07.jpg

Embryo Models

4-5 Somite Embryo

Ziegler model 51.jpg

Ziegler model 50.jpg Ziegler model 52.jpg

Month 1 Embryos

Ziegler model 53.jpg Ziegler model 54.jpg

Ziegler model 05.jpg Ziegler model 06.jpg

Neural Models

Ziegler model 16.jpg Ziegler model 15.jpg

Image of information attached to underside of Medulla model base.

Model for explaining the course and the fiber cores of the midbrain and the medulla oblongata of the newborn. (Modell zur Erläuterung des Faserverlaufes und der Kerne des Mittelhirnes und des verlängerten Markes eines Neugeborenen.)

Ziegler model 10.jpg

Medulla Model

Ziegler model 11.jpg

Medulla Model

Ziegler model 13.jpg Ziegler model 14.jpg
Ziegler model 08.jpg Ziegler model 09.jpg

Links: Medulla Development | 1903 Description of Medulla Model

Eye Models

Development history of the eye series 8b consists of 3 models while series 8c consists of 5 models of early eye development.

Series 8b Models 1-3

Series 8b, three wax models, submitted by F. Ziegler, c 1930. Models are made to example of Prof. von Szily. Showing the development of the papilla nervi optici primitiva s. lamina typus "sauger". max. height 18 cm.

Ziegler model 29.jpg

Series 8c Models 1-5

Models of the right eye of the developing rabbit embryo.

Series 8c, five wax models, submitted by F. Ziegler, c 1930. Models are made to example of Prof. von Szily. it is a view of the ontogenesis of the idiotype gap formation of the eye of microphthalmia and the orbital cistern. it concerns a rabbit eye. maximum height 32 cm.

Ziegler model 49.jpg

Series 8b Model 1

Left primordial eye of 12 days old embryo.

Images show model viewed laterally and from the external and internal view.

| Ziegler model 22.jpg |- | Ziegler model 20.jpg | Ziegler model 21.jpg |- | Ziegler model legend 20.jpg | Ziegler model legend 21.jpg |}

Series 8b Model 2

Left primordial eye of 13 days old embryo, 9.6 mm greatest length.

Images show model viewed laterally and from the external and internal view.

Series 8b Model 3

Left primordial eye of 13 days old embryo, 10.5 mm greatest length.

Images show model viewed laterally and from the external and internal view.

Series 8c Model 1

Series 8c Model 2

Series 8c Model 3

Series 8c Model 4

Series 8c Model 5

Links: Vision Development

Heart Models

Ziegler model 18.jpg Ziegler model 19.jpg

Ziegler model 12.jpg


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