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Developmental patterning signal.
Developmental patterning signal.
===Spinal Cord Development===
| Model of the embryonic rostro-caudal gradient of neurogenesis along the chicken spinal cord from the stem zone to the neurogenic neural tube summarising how DELTA-NOTCH signalling may be involved in these processes.<ref><pubmed>18000541</pubmed>| [http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0001169 PLoS ONE]</ref>
* Caudal to rostral decreasing FGF gradient, leads to Delta-1 expression decrease in cells that leave the stem zone (light blue) and move into the PNTZ where they intermingle with cells that do not express Delta-1.
* Generates differences in DELTA/NOTCH signalling between adjacent cells that may initiate lateral inhibition.
* Upregulation of Delta-1 in single NP cells which signal (blue arrows) and activate NOTCH signalling in adjacent cells, which as a consequence express Hes5 and are maintained in a proliferating state.
* Delta-1 expressing NP cell divides into two cells that express Tis21.
* Double Delta-1/Tis21 labelled NP down regulate the expression of Delta-1 as they reach the NZ and begin to divide in a neurogenic manner.
* One of the daughter cells upregulates Delta-1 expression and differentiates as a neuron while the other one, which receives NOTCH signalling (blue arrows), remains as neurogenic NP. Hensen node (HN), neural tube (NT), neurogenic zone (NZ), proliferation to neurogenesis transition zone (PNTZ), presomitic territory (PS), somite (S).
| [[File:Spinal cord delta notch model.png|500px]]
===Endoderm Development===
===Endoderm Development===
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===Cartilage Development===
===Cartilage Development===
===Muscle Regeneration===
[[File:Notch signalling in muscle regeneration cartoon.jpg|600px]]
Notch signalling in muscle regeneration<ref><pubmed>24472470</pubmed>| [http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-213X/14/2 BMC Dev Biol.]</ref>
===Hypothalamus Development===
===Hypothalamus Development===
[[File:Hypothalamus gene interaction model.jpg|600px]]
Hypothalamus Development Gene Interaction Model<ref name=PMID>24360028<pubmed>24360028</pubmed>| [http://www.neuraldevelopment.com/content/8//25 Neural Dev.]</ref>
:'''Links:''' [[Endocrine_-_Hypothalamus_Development|Hypothalamus Development]]
:'''Links:''' [[Endocrine_-_Hypothalamus_Development|Hypothalamus Development]]
===Alagille Syndrome===
Mutations in the human homolog of Jagged-1 (JAG1) located on chromosome 20p12 cause [[Alagille Syndrome]]. Abnormalities are seen in gastrointestinal (liver cholestasis), cardiac (heart), renal (kidney), skeletal, ocular, and facial systems.
:'''Links:''' [[Alagille Syndrome]]

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Notch structure cartoon
Notch structure cartoon[1]

The nodal proteins were first identified in drosophila development and have since been identified as regulators of cell fate decisions during development. These are a family of cell surface transmembrane receptors that pass once through the plasma membrane.

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Nodal Signaling

Nodal Receptors

Nodal Ligands


Developmental patterning signal.

Endoderm Development

Endoderm differentiates to form the respiratory airway epithelium and glands. This epithelium is continuously replaced through life from a basal cell pool of undifferentiated airway progenitors. A recent study[3] has shown that the progenitor pool is regulated by the Notch3-Jagged signaling pathway. The mechanism appears dependent upon the availability of Jag1 and Jag2 (generating parabasal cells) that later activates Notch1 and Notch2 leading to a secretory-multiciliated cell fate.

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Mesoderm Development

Cartilage Development

Hypothalamus Development

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