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The "Cloud" Embryology Concept


"Cloud embryology is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable embryology resources"

This embryology resource has now been online since 1997 and transferred to the new Wiki format in 2009. The 1997 site was purely a website with no interaction available to the reader other than playing and controlling animations. The 2009 site initially was a transfer and reformatting of the original content pages. This was enhanced by addition of quizzes and followed by student online collaborative project work.

This is the next developmental step.

The Problem

During the course of this project there have been numerous requests for reuse of content by students, researchers and educators for many different educational purposes. In many cases this has been easy to allow, but in others there were copyright issues controlling how content could be correctly reused.

The Solution

If you are an educator with access to the internet then you can now prepare your presentation here!

I am trialling the access of educators from Universities and High Schools to prepare their own online presentations from the vast resources (11,000+ uploaded files) already available on this Embryology website.

  1. There is no complex programming.
  2. The content is already uploaded on the site.
  3. Links and your content remain permanently available.

1. There is no complex programming

  • The website is a Wiki-based format.
  • This software is easy to use, proved to be stable and continuously updated.
  • There are online Help pages to get you started.
  • In many cases you can simply use the existing content, cut-n-paste and adapt to your purposes.

2. The content is already uploaded on the site

  • There are Medical, Science and General Education pages with clearly identified content.
  • The search window can be used to find specific content (text, images and animations).
  • The Categories group content by topic.
  • The Glossary has simplified explanations of embryology terms and acronyms, with linked resources.
  • The Movies page links to both Flash and Quicktime versions of all animations and movies.
  • Use existing or develop your own student Quizzes.

3. Links and your content remain permanently available

  • Your work will be highly visible, identifiable as your work, and you can also choose to receive feedback.
  • The site is part of an ongoing educational resource.
  • All content is available on the internet.
  • All versions of your work are available, earlier versions can be accessed, accidental edits can be undone.
  • No one can edit your work without your knowledge.
  • Create Printable versions for handouts.
  • Work offline by converting you presentation into a web archive or PDF.

Getting Started

The first step in participating in this trial and preparing your own online resource is to contact me, the editor-in-chief Dr Mark Hill.

External Links

Educational Use Only - Embryology is an educational resource for learning concepts in embryological development, no clinical information is provided and content should not be used for any other purpose.

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