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This category is a website housekeeping category, not related to Embryology concepts.


About Templates

This is an easy way to find all site templates, many are protected. Opening the listed template will show the content that will appear on the page(s) where the template is used, though it does not show the actual pages that use the template. The pages that use that template can be identified though the left-hand menu Tools -> "what links here".

Template Code

How templates are used
In the code below, the template name is replaced for each specific template.

{{Template:template name}}

Alternately the template name alone can be used between two curly brackets as shown below.

{{template name}}

Code shown below prevents this category appearing on pages where template is used.


See also the earlier Templates page that includes information about some templates. There is often further information about each template (structure, function, use) on the actual Template Discussion page for each template.

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