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This Embryology category includes pages and images that relate to the Carnegie Collection Embryo No. 875 (1914).

This embryo was classified as Carnegie stage 22 occurring during Week 8, GA week 10.

Carnegie Collection - Stage 22 
Serial No. Size (mm) Grade Fixative Embedding Medium Plane Thinness (µm) Stain Point Score Sex Year Notes
875 E, 27 Ch., 40x28x22 Good Formol P Sag. 40 Al. coch. 45 F 1914
  • Size - E. is the greatest length of the embryo and Ch. is the mean diameter of the chorion.
  • Grade - total grade of the specimen and includes both its original quality and the condition of the mounted sections.
  • Embedding medium - paraffin (P) or a combination of celloidin and paraffin (C-P).
  • Fixative - formalin (Formol), alcohol and formalin (Alc, formol), Bouin (Bouin solution)
  • Stain -
  • ? - unknown or not determined.

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