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Dr Mark Hill

--Mark Hill 09:38, 2 May 2013 (EST) I am using the same page for 2012, 2013.

This online tutorial is an opportunity for students to raise with the Embryology content provider any specific topics that have not been resolved in either the Lecture or Practical classes. BGDA embryology structure has been designed to take you through human development at a greater depth than the introduction made in Foundations. It has identified the sequence of events from reproductive cycles, fertilization, implantation, placentation, embryonic and fetal development. BGDB will follow on by covering specific systemic development issues.

This page includes links to audio recordings made from the first tutorial sessions.

I would appreciate specific questions to be emailed to me before the expert tutorial dates in order to prepare clear answers.

My answers and those of the other expert tutors refer specifically only to Embryology content and not that of other disciplines.

--Mark Hill 09:51, 2 June 2011 (EST)

Expert Tutorial Issues

Be prepared for your tutorials. It does not help anyone if you have no questions to bring to the table, and turns an opportunity for interaction into a straight review lecture.

Look through your own lecture and practical notes.
  • Are there topics which even your notes don't clarify?
  • Have you found differences between the lecture/practicals and the textbook resources?
Discuss with you SG.
  • Do they have the same understanding?
  • have you tried to explain a concept to someone else?
Be careful of inaccurate reporting.
  • Has the person reporting back accurately discuss what the expert has described?
  • Is this information the same/different to what was presented in the Lecture/Practical?
Occasionally corrections are made to previously presented materials.
  • Have these corrections been accurately reported?
  • Have you gone back and checked and updated your own notes?

2011 BGD Cycle A


Embryology Tutorial 1 Audio


BGDA: Lecture 1 | Lecture 2 | Practical 3 | Practical 7 | Practical 12

These are a live unedited recording from the two repeat tutorials and may contain errors in either descriptions or content. These recordings are for University level students and may not be suitable for young students. For educational purposes only.

  • Dr Mark Hill Monday 23rd May 2011 11am Biomed E listen | download (5.83 Mb MP3 50:56)
  • Dr Mark Hill Monday 24th May 2011 11am Biomed E listen | download (5.31 Mb MP3 46:23)

For educational purposes only.


--Mark Hill 11:05, 2 June 2011 (EST) My answers specifically refer only to Embryology content that I have provided and not that of other disciplines.

Will this be in the Exam?

  • Don't even try this one!
  • I am happy to help you with my materials but not to simply narrow down the topics to those examined.
  • In both Lectures and Practicals, the online content I work through with you is the basis of the concepts you need to know.
  • External links are often to images, texts or references that should help your understanding of the content I provide, but are not directly examinable.
  • Internal links to other specific content pages are similarly for aiding the understanding of specific concepts.
  • Internal links to animations are used to illustrate dynamic processes that are also generally described on the content pages.
  • Additional Information on Practical class pages is just that, and does not form part of the current assessment content.


BGDA: Lecture 1 | Lecture 2 | Practical 3 | Practical 6 | Practical 12 | Lecture Neural | Practical 14 | Histology Support - Female | Male | Tutorial

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