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Begin Advanced Heart Fields Heart Tubes Cardiac Looping Cardiac Septation Outflow Tract Valve Development Cardiac Conduction Cardiac Abnormalities Molecular Development

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Beginning the Advanced Module

The cardiovascular system is the first major system to function within the embryo with the heart beginning to function during the fourth week. Congenital heart defects affect 8-10 of every 1000 births in the United States. Hence in both embryological and clinical contexts it is important to consider heart development.

The advanced section of this module on cardiac embryology is directed at students with some previous study of embryology as well as some study of cardiac development. This unit takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The advanced cardiac module contains 9 pages which should be worked through in order. You may choose to complete the basic module and the intermediate module prior to beginning the advanced module.

  1. Early Embryonic Heart Fields
  2. The Endocardial Heart Tubes
  3. Cardiac Looping
  4. Cardiac Septation
  5. Outflow Tract Development
  6. Valve Development
  7. Development of the Cardiac Conduction System
  8. Developmental Abnormalities
  9. Molecular Control of Development

These pages are also listed and linked in the red boxes at the top of each page. Students who would like less detailed information can return to the basic level or intermediate level.

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