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MH - This entire test page was downloaded to see how quiz extension can be developed and implemented for reviewing and testing online embryology concepts.

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See example Mesoderm Quiz.

  • While this is a quiz based on the UPA Rules of Ultimate, it is in no way officially affiliated with the UPA organization.
  • There are ~16 questions and it should take less than 10 minutes or so.
  • References to the rules in question are provided after you finish your quiz.


1 It is legal to contest a 'Pick' call.


2 A defensive player is marking an offensive player with the disc. The defensive player gets to 'Five' in the stall count when the offensive player calls out 'disc space'. The defensive player agrees with the call and should :

step back and continue counting from 'One'
step back and continue counting from 'Four'
step back and continue counting from 'Five'
step back and continue counting from 'Six'

3 The disc stops on the sideline after an incomplete pass. A player for the team to play offense stretches out so his feet are five feet apart then picks up the disc. The offensive player has a choice of which foot to use as a pivot when bringing the disc back into play.


4 A handler throws a very low pass to a receiver who manages to snag the disc. A defensive player calls the disc 'down' since she saw the disc brush the grass before possession was gained. The offensive player states that he was watching the disc the whole time and adamantly denies the disc brushed the grass, suggesting perhaps the wind from the low pass moved the grass. None of the other players had a good view of what happened. What is the correct resolution when an agreement cannot be reached ?

do it over again (back to the player who threw the disputed pass).
defensive calls override offensive when it comes to disc up/down.
the offensive player was closer to the disc, therefor had best perspective and makes the call.

5 The receiver of a pass has final say on whether she is in or out of bounds on a reception.


6 An offensive player cuts down the field and makes a diving bid for the disc. She catches the disc and her feet land in the endzone before she slides out of bounds. Near the end of her slide, her opponent's bag (off the field) knocks the disc out of her hands before she gets up.

Receiver gets the disc on the goal line
Incomplete pass

7 The offense (team A) sends a striker deep and the handler hucks the disc to them. The deep defender (team B) manages to sky the offensive player and catch the disc. The defender then puts the disc on the ground and sprints to get into cutting position.

the D stands - team B keeps possession
double turnover - team A gets the disc where the team B player dropped it

8 Any uncontested foul committed by a defender that affects an attempted reception in the endzone results in a point.


9 When initiating a stall count there must be a full second between announcing 'Stalling' and 'One'.


10 It is valid for a thrower to call a 'Fast Count' violation if their marker did not initiate the stall count with the word 'Stalling'.


11 Offensive player receives the disc while running at high speed, does not change direction but fakes a throw then delivers a quick pass before his third step after catching. Can 'travel' legitimately be called?


12 It is a violation to not verify that one's reception was in bounds when an opposing player calls "Check Feet".


13 A dead disc is when play has stopped. Is there possibility of turnover?


14 An offensive player catches a disc while heading towards the sideline at full sprint. Her momentum takes her out of bounds where she falls. After regaining her composure, she jogs back to the sideline and establishes a pivot. A player on defense, waiting at the sideline where the offensive receiver went out, had started counting and is at stall 'six' when the offensive player establishes her pivot.

The offensive player may call 'fast count'.
The defensive player is playing according to the rules.

15 If you commit a foul, you should always call it yourself.


16 A huck goes up to a receiver who was at midfield when the throw was released, the disc floats over the endzone and the receiver and a defender go up for it, but miss. The receiver calls foul, and the defender contests. The disc returns to the thrower. Where do the receiver and defender set up before the disc is put back into play by the thrower?

At the spot of the foul.
At the goal line.
Where they were when the throw went off.