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== Hot/Cold ==
== Hot/Cold ==
Tlx3 acts in combination with Runx1 to control the development thermoceptors
== Pressure ==
== Pressure ==

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Somatosensory Development

--Mark Hill 12:23, 15 August 2012 (EST) This is a better project title.

- Touch, Pain, Hot/Cold, Pressure Reception


History of Discoveries

Central Somatosensory Differentiation

This is just preliminary work and will be edited later:

Making Connections between Afferent Sensory Fibres and the Central Nervous System (CNS)

By stage 23;

  • Axons of primary afferent neurons reach the spinal cord
  • DRG begins to send out outgrowths

When these afferent neurons reach the CNS, axons of these afferent neurons bifurcate and begin to extend into the Primordium of the dorsal funiculus

By Stage 24:

  • the afferent axons have projected 1 segment rostrally and 1 segment caudally relative to the axons' point of entry
  • the afferents start to grow within the white matter (periphery of Spinal Cord)

Stage 28 –

  • unbranched afferent axonal fibres invade gray matter at the border of Dorsal horn
  • axonal fibres extend Rostrally and caudally and start sending fine collateral fibres into the gray matter of spinal cord (the cellular, central region of spinal cord)

Stage 29:

  • afferent fibres have extended 100-200μm into gray matter of the Dorsal Horn

Reference: <pubmed>2918087</pubmed>




Tlx3 acts in combination with Runx1 to control the development thermoceptors


Current Research



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