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= References =
= References =
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Note - This page is an undergraduate science embryology student group project 2011.
2011 Projects: Turner Syndrome | DiGeorge Syndrome | Klinefelter's Syndrome | Huntington's Disease | Fragile X Syndrome | Tetralogy of Fallot | Angelman Syndrome | Friedreich's Ataxia | Williams-Beuren Syndrome | Duchenne Muscular Dystrolphy | Cleft Palate and Lip

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Introduction to Fragile X Syndrome

Fragile X Syndrome does not create X-Men. Sad face.

History of the disease



Genetic Contribution

Development of the Disease

Fetal Development

At Birth

In Adult

Signs and Symptoms

Physical phenotype

Social interaction

Intellectual development

Recent Research

Autism and Fragile X Syndrome