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Hey girls,
So I've done a bit of research on a few of them.
One of the things we need to keep in mind is that it has to relate to the '''learning outcomes''', which I think is the embryological process, and how the genetic disorder relates to it or how its affected by it? (I tried looking it up but couldnt find it).
Here's a list of the topics I've been looking into:
[[Turner Syndrome:]] commonly known to have one missing sex chromosome, (or both) - LOTS of info on this. (only thing is, because its such a broad topic, we might have articles that contradict each other, or might not have that many embryology related new articles...?)
[[Klinefelter's Syndrome:]] the gigantic disease with the extra chromosome (XXY). there's a decent amount of info on this, but not as much as Turner.
[[Neural Tube defects:]] problems happening in the first month of baby formation because of the folate deficiency in the mother. But i'm not too sure where the genetics come into this..
Which topics have you guys been looking at? Let us know! cos we need to have some articles in '''[[2-3days time!]]''' :)

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