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Here are a few simple questions that relate to your BGD practical, this page is not a part of today's Practical class. You should try in your own time after completing the Practical today.Take the quiz and see what you know, if you get some wrong, try working through through the 2010 BGD Practical - Fertilization to Implantation.

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1 Which of the following statements is most correct concerning early development in female gametogenesis:

the total number of ooctyes is regulated by follicle stimulating hormone
oocyte numbers increase prenatally and begin to decrease at puberty
less than 0.1% of all oocytes formed are released during reproductive life
oocytes within all antral follicles are released in sequence at ovulation
oocyte selection occurs at the primordial follicle stage

2 The spermatogenic epithelium is stimulated by follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)


3 Gamete differentiation occurs while diploid in


4 Which of the following is incorrect about the block to polyspermy

occurs after fertilization
occurs when meiosis II is completed
occurs initially when sperm and oocyte membranes fuse
occurs when cortical granules are released

5 Which of the following statements about the blastocyst is most correct

the blastocyst forms from the 2 blastomere stage
the blastocyst has a cavity lined with endoderm
the blastocyst stage occurs after hatching from the zona pellucida
the blastocyst has an embryoblast and trophoectoderm layer

6 Select the correct options below for the process of implantation

is driven by the trophoblast layer
occurs following adplantation
can occur inside and outside the uterine body
allows endocrine support of the corpus luteum

7 The extraembryonic coelom refers too

amniotic cavity, yolk sac and chorionic cavity
pericardial cavity, pleural cavity and peritoneal cavity
blastocoel, somitocoel and lateral plate coelom
maternal lacunae, uterine gland lumen, uterine body cavity

8 Which of the following statements is incorrect about the process of gastrulation

gives rise to the trilaminar embryo
involves cell migration from the epiblast layer
extends from the primitive node to the buccopharyngeal membrane
occurs at the region known as the primitive streak
generates endoderm and then mesoderm layers

9 What are the two main early embryonic developmental roles of the notochord

mechanical role in embryonic disc folding and signaling for tissue patterning
formation of the nucleus pulposis and separating cloacal and buccopharyngeal membranes
gastrulation and neuralation
formation of the nucleus pulposis and intervertebral disc

10 Ectoderm refers only to the neural plate region of the trilaminar embryo



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