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Peer Reviews

Project 2- kidney

The layout of this webpage is extremely clear and engaging. The use of diagrams and tables makes the page more appealing to read. I like how the diagrams are split between the left and right sides of the page, the symmetry makes the project aesthetically pleasing. I also think the use of headings and subheadings makes the page well structured and easy to follow. All the material seems to be relevant and informative. The information and diagrams seem to be well referenced. I think that some paragraphs such as bloody supply and developmental abnormalities need to be broken up as the one large paragraph of text is not appealing to read, however this is understandable as the project is not completed yet. Incorporating diagrams, YouTube videos or perhaps collapsible windows in these sections could be beneficial. Another suggestion for this page would be to make the overall title of ‘Kidney’ larger and clearer, perhaps include a diagram of the kidney with the title to make it more attractive.

Project 3- heart

At first glance this project seems very detailed and lengthy. In my opinion, it could have too much text and maybe summarizing and condensing some sections could be beneficial. Collapsible windows or maybe more use of subheadings or dot points could be used to make the page clearer and less overwhelming. The diagrams and tables are very engaging and informative. However I do think the position and sizing of the diagrams could be improved to align it with the text better. The text and most of the diagrams seem to be well referenced. Another suggestion for this page would be to make the overall title of ‘Heart’ larger and clearer, perhaps include a diagram of the heart with the title to make it more attractive. The overall title should also be placed above the contents section. Despite these suggestions, well done this page is very detailed and informative and you have clearly put a lot of work and effort into it.

Project 4- Eye

The structure and layout of this page is clear and concise. At first glance it does seem quite brief, however it is understandable that the project is still under completion. An introduction section with an overall introduction of eye development would improve the flow of the project. The use of tables and diagrams make the page attractive and more appealing to read. I like the use of hand drawn diagrams, however they still need to be labeled. Many sections such as development of the eye components have large sections of text which aren’t appealing to read and the use of youtube videos, diagrams or collapsible videos could improve this. The section ‘overview of eye development’ is very informative and gives a good summary of what will later be described in detail. Some sections also have minimal referencing and this could be worked on. I also think an overall large title of ‘The eye’ at the top of the page would be appealing. Overall, well done this page is almost complete and your information is relevant and informative.

Project 5- Lungs

This project page is very detailed and extensive yet still clear and easy to follow. The tables and many diagrams make the page very engaging. The material is relevant and informative. The structure is well layed out with the use of headigs and subheadings. The use of movies in the ‘current understandings and areas of research’ is very creative and makes the content easier to understand. You have clearly put a lot of time and effort into this project and I only have a few minor recommendations for improvement. Firstly the in-text referencing is minimal in some sections and this should be worked on before the project is due. Also a more detailed and descriptive introduction section could be used to explain what the project is about. Also some of the diagrams I believe are too large and are overwhelming on the page. A large heading of ‘The Lungs’ could also be placed at the top of the page in larger writing to make it more engaging, perhaps with a simple diagram of the lungs. Overall, congratulations this project is extremely well done.

Project 6- Cerebellum

Overall this project is very extensive and appears to almost be complete. The structure and lay out is clear and easy to follow. The numerous tables and diagrams are very engaging. The material seems to be relevant, informative and well-referenced. I think the you could combine the first section into the introduction as it is confusing to have two introductory sections. Also the blue title could be larger and at the top of the page to highlight the overall topic of the project. The sections of ‘cell signaling in cerebellar development’ and ‘key historical discoveries’ and ‘animal models’ are not very engaging to read as they are just large chunks of text and perhaps images, videos or collapsible windows could be used to break them up and make them more attractive. Despite these minor suggestion, your project is extremely well done!