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Treatment of FRDA through histone deacetylase inhibitor (HDACI) has shown potential as a treatment in reversing heterochromatin of genes[12]. HDACI has shown signs of increasing levels of fractin restoring to normal range within the nervous system and the heart, restoration of fractin levels was achieved where acetylisation of histones at the GAA repeat in FRDA patients in both the heart and central nervous system[14].

Positive effects of fractin level restoration is signs of decrease in progression of FRDA. Therapeutic use of HDACI led to the normalization of the genetic expression of FRDA patients. Support of fractin level restoration is clearly identified from the KIKI mouse models depict therapeutic effect of HDACI displaying no signs of pathologyical or abnormal behaviour, while HDACI is able to cross the blood brain barrier and procede with aceytlsation to histones without producing any toxic effects upon the brain where no pathological effects from FRDA where identified