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Peer reviews

Group 1

This page is very well structured and sequential. It provides a very detailed explanation of development under chronological subheadings. Subpages under images are well informed, but some images lack a proper Copyright phrase and Student Image Template to indicate reproducibility. On the main page, some subheadings need to be capitalised (formatting) and student signatures need to be provided on relevant sections, rather than student numbers . The "Anatomy of the Cerebral Cortex" section is filled with dot points, and could be improved using paragraphs, images and Wiki formatting. The layout of the Abnormalities section could be improved, by changing the headings and subheadings. The images and videos on the page are all very relevant to the topic, but I don't think the screenshots from youtube are appropriate of reputable. The page could benefit from a glossary list and 'Future Research' section. However, the reference list was well constructed. Overall the the page addresses the brief very well.

Group 2

This page is very informative and easy to read. I like the way it begins with the anatomy of the kidney in the developed human, and then progresses through its embryological development. The inclusion of developmental timeline table aids the flow of the page. Images are well integrated into the page with informative descriptions, however are not correctly referenced and do include the suitable Copyright statement or Student Image Template.

The 'stages of nephron development' subheading includes numbered bullet points, but would appear more finished by using the Wiki bullet points. In the "Genes expressed" section it would be beneficial if the terms RET and GDNF were expanded on. The 'Blood Supply' section is clearly unfinished, but will require in text citations and images would help it to read easier. The page references well, but many sections are still unfinished. The page would benefit from a glossary at the end, and the "General info on the renal system" section should be included higher up on the page, or integrated into one of the other sections such as under the "Kidney" heading. This page is very easy to read, but still needs some work.

Group 4

This is a well structured page, that approaches the eye from the basics. I like that the anatomy and underlying physiology of the eye is established before the developmental processes. Overview is brief and to the point, and the Embryonic Contributions table is an important aspect. Iris development could be expanded on, and more journal article images could be included, to show a wider range of sources were used. The "Opac figure" file does not have the correct Copyright notice. Images and tables could include a small description directly under (or above) for ease of reading. The student drawn images are well included, but are slightly hard to follow due to their small size and lack of differentiating colour and/or patterning, these images also lack the appropriates Student Image template. Subheadings would be more noticeable if they were bigger and not just in bold. An 'animal models in comparison with human development' and 'signalling ' sections would be helpful. There are a range of spelling errors throughout the text, including the "Congenital Abnormalities" title. The page could be improved with an introduction as a lead-in to what the project with discuss, and a historical discoveries section to understand the studies that lead to our current understanding. However, on the whole this is a very good page!

Group 5

This paper is divided into logical categories and has very good layout. The student drawings are all good, and the developmental timeline is very informative. Most images are well-referenced and have the appropriate Copyright, except the images in the 'Developmental signaling processes' section which lack a description and Copyright. The "Structure of Respiratory Network", "Developmental signalling processes", "Research" and "Animal models" sections of the page lack in-text citations and thus lack credibility.

The use of movies is very clever and helpful provided using content off the UNSW Embryology Wiki page is permitted. The layout of the entire page is very good, however the size of some of the images needs to change as they appear pixillated and blurry. Images could include a small description directly under them to direct the reader to what they are looking at. The references need to be fine tuned, and some grammatical errors need to be addressed. This page would benefit from a lengthier introduction leading in to lung development and a glossary list. Otherwise this is a very informative page!

Group 6

This page is very informative, well set-out, and easy to follow and read. The information is well-referenced and the images have a description, the correct Copyright, however some lack the appropriate Student Image template. The "Key Historical Discoveries" and "Cell Signaling in Cerebellar Development" sections could be broken up with relevant images. Other images I find are too large and could be made smaller. The smaller amount of information above the "Introduction" would flow better if it was all included as one introductory paragraph. The images in the "Abnormalities" section could include a small description directly under them to describe the image and make it more uniform with the other images on the pages. Reference list is extensive and done very well. The page could be improved by including a "Future Research Questions" section. Overall very hard to fault!