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Lab One Assessment

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Prokaryote Cytoskeleton

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What I've learnt today

Search Techniques

I have learned how to search for information using online journal systems, such as Pubmed and Biomed. I have further learned how to refine my search process, by looking primarily for reviews or articles and how to change the number of journal links shown on the page from a minimum of 20, up to 200 links per page.

Computers Skills

My computer skills have very much been expanded today. I have learned how to navigate between different sites using the html as opposed to a search engine, like Google. I have learned how to create a new wiki page and turn this page from a blank document to a functioning wiki page with links, references and text. I have learned how to utilize code to create headings and sub-headings and sub-sub-headings (and so forth) which neatly organizes the web page and forms a 'link-box' at the top of the page which can be used later to improve navigation on this page.


I have also learned how to reference in various ways. I can make a reference visible on the page from websites like Pubmed.

In-text citation: Practice<ref><pubmed>26279102</pubmed>

Visible: <pubmed>26271102</pubmed>