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Lab 1 Assessment

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prokaryotic cytoskeleton

PMID 26756351


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How to make an in-text citation

Bacterial division protein FtsZ.[1]

  1. <pubmed>26756351</pubmed>



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What I have learned so far

The most useful information I have learned so far is multiple specific computer programming language commands necessary for organizing information on wiki pages. In particular, I have learned the incredibly useful command for instantly creating a citation of a PubMed article. I have also learned how to rename links a wiki page so that full website address itself is not necessarily listed and is instead whichever name I select. The simple coding language use of equals signs will be extremely helpful for organizing my work into simple headings and subheadings. Additionally, I learned that all of the edits to the wiki will be completely preserved so that there is no risk of information and progress being lost. In general, I learned how to execute several wiki commands, and now I have a useful template available for the purposes of creating wiki pages throughout the rest of the course.