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Human Embryonic Ventricular Timeline  
Week Carnegie Stage Event
Week 4 Stage 11 appearance of the optic ventricle. The neural groove/tube space is initially filled with amniotic fluid.
Stage 12 closure of the caudal neuropore, onset of the ventricular system and separates the ependymal from the amniotic fluid.
Stage 13 cavity of the telencephalon medium is visible.
Week 5 Stage 14 cerebral hemispheres and lateral ventricles begin, rhomboid fossa becomes apparent.
Stage 15 medial and lateral ventricular eminences cause indentations in the lateral ventricle
Week 6 Stage 16 hypothalamic sulcus is evident.
Stages 17 - 18 interventricular foramina are becoming relatively smaller, and cellular accumulations indicate the future choroid villi of the fourth and lateral ventricles.
Week 7 Stage 18 areae membranaceae rostralis and caudalis are visible in the roof of the fourth ventricle, and the paraphysis is appearing.
Stage 19 choroid villi are visible in the fourth ventricle, and a mesencephalic evagination (blindsack) is visible
Week 8 Stage 20 choroid villi are visible in the lateral ventricle.
Stage 21 olfactory ventricle is visible.
Stages 21-23 lateral ventricle has become C-shaped (anterior and inferior horns visible). Recesses develop in the third ventricle (optic, infundibular, pineal).
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Reference: O'Rahilly R. and Müller F. Ventricular system and choroid plexuses of the human brain during the embryonic period proper. (1990) Amer. J Anat.189(4); 285-302 PMID 2285038